We're renowned for our friendly staff, esthetically pleasing and soothing atmosphere, and more notably, our qualified and certified professional stylists. We are out to break the mold on ordinary salons. Being involved in local photo shoots and fashion shows are very important to us. It allows us to put our new styles and skills on display for the community to see. Our stylists make sure that every client walks out the door with perfect, photo shoot ready hair.

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Schwarzkopf was created in 1898 in Berlin, Germany by a chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf. For over 110 years, Schwarzkopf has been developing products that are used in our daily lives and have supplied them in over 125 countries worldwide. They've been voted #1 by professional stylists for their shampoo's, coloring products and hair strengthening formulas.

Privé was developed by French stylist, Laurent Defourg, whose clientele exceeds movie and television stars. He has created an innovative line called Prive, a premium hair care collection. This array of herbal blends provides extraordinary benefits to each Privé formula.

Tressa is a semi-permanent line displayed on TV Guide channels "Look-A-Like" television show. Jeffrey Altenburg, celebrity stylist, showcases how amazing Tressa is for highlights and all over color.

Smashbox Cosmetics was created by brothers Dean and Davis Factor in 1990 under a different name, Smashbox Photo Studios, where models and movie stars frequented daily. The brothers were always asked to create a make-up line that would meet the requirements of the photoshoots, making the models and actresses look perfect.

Redken for Men is a product line of Redken 5th Avenue, which was developed in 1960 and was built from the inspiration of a dynamic, entrepreneurial American actress named Paula Kent.

We choose these lines of products because we feel they're the best our industry has to offer. We want the best for our clients and are always studying the market to ensure we're providing the best quality product at your every visit.